The Early Vance Bestiary

Jack Vance’s monsters, aliens and other creatures illustrated in the pulps from 1945 to 1965

This gallery contains illustrations presented in the site:

About Illustrations:

1946 ill.  Hanchioni Thrilling Wonder Stories Phalid-s Fate
1946-07  planet of the black dust Startling stories
1949-03 the Howling Bounders Startling stories
1948-11 The Unspeakable MacInch Startling stories
1950 ill. Finlay Startling Stories -The Spa of the Stars
1950 ill. Startling Stories- Cosmic Hotfoot
1950 the loom of darkness – worlds of beyond
1951-06 Thrilling Wonder Stories son of the tree 4
1951-09 Startling Stories The masquerade on Dicantropus
1952 ill. Orban Thrilling Wonder stories The Kokod Warriors
1952-02 ill. Finlay Thrilling Wonder Stories abercrombie
1952-06 art. Alex Schomburg sabotage on Sulfur planet
1952-09 Big Planet Startling stories
1952-12 Space-Stories- Emshwiller
1953 art unknown the Mitr – vortex
1953-01 Paulton -Three legged-joe
1955 ill. Emsh -The World Thinker 2nd-ed
1958 ill. Freas -Astounding SF The Miracle-Workers
1958-07 ill. Engle – Infinity  The men return
1962  art. Gaughan dragon masters 1
1962  art. Gaughan Dragon masters 2
1962  art. Gaughan dragon spider
1964-07 ill. Emsh Fantastic The Kragen
1966 ill. Gaughan Galaxy The Last Castle
1967-07  Fantastic Narrow land by Morrow
1969-08 ill. Bruce Jones Emphyrio

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