Bob Haberfield & Vance

The covers presented here are some of the most beautiful and striking covers created for Jack Vance’s works. They were most PROBABLY drawn by BOB HABERFIELD.

Bob Haberfield is an Australian-born English graphic designer known mostly for his psychedelic covers illustrating Michael Moorcock’s fantasy stories. In fact, he created hundreds of covers for the SF-Fantasy collections of Mayflower , Panther and others in the 70s and 80s. Before that, in the 1960s (in Australia) he designed many record covers. He has also always worked for the advertising industry.

He is largely underestimated because his name is rarely cited for his covers, most of them are not signed and publishers often fail to indicate the author of the cover design (!). This was also the case for Jack Vance’s works published in England, notably by Mayflower: most SF databases indicate « unknown artist » or « not attributed ». Fortunately, Bob Haberfield’s style is generally easily identifiable by its psychedelic colors and its affirmed Buddhist themes.

Presumed covers by Bob Haberfield:

A gallery of various works by Bob Haberfield will allow you to appreciate his talent and compare his style with the covers created for Jack Vance.

Covers for records:

Bob Haberfield died in 2021. His son has created a website with a biography and to present his father’s work. He announces that he is preparing several editions of cover collections from his archives:

Bob Haberfield

To learn more, here are various sites featuring Bob Haberfield’s work:

BobHaberfield pinterest

BobHaberfield Flickr

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